Tom Saunders

Thomas Saunders FRIBA

1932: Born in London’s East End

1942: Survived the wartime Blitz until bombed out and moved to Essex.

1945: Decided he would like to be an architect

1949: First Year student architect

1957: Qualified Associate Royal Institute of British Architects

1961: He set up his own practice working from home.

1968:Elected Fellow Royal Institute of British Architects

1982: After 21 years the practice had become The Thomas Saunders Partnership (TTSP) and one of the larger firms of London (130 staff) with several offices overseas specialising in architecture, environmental space planning, interior design and the refurbishment and restoration of historically listed buildings.

1984: He relinquished his position as Senior Partner and resigned from the practice and has continued to act as an independent consultant architect. Currently he is a director of Thomas Saunders Consultants Ltd.

Since leaving the TTSP practice he began exploring a deeper understanding of architecture  and the effect buildings and the built environment have on our health and well-being. This culminated in writing The Boiled Frog Syndrome which was also published in Portuguese in Brazil. He was a Trustee of Kairos, an educational organization teaching the perennial principles of Sacred Architecture for over 20 years. He is a practicing dowser and a long-term member of the National Federation of Healers.

He has delivered lectures at the Royal Academy for the British Society of Dowsers, The Prince’s Foundation, Kairos, RILKO (Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation) and other groups on decoding myths and fairy tales, mystery school teachings and sacred geometry.

Over the past 30 years he has also given Tarot seminars and personal readings in the UK, the South of France, Phoenix and Albuquerque in USA and was the Tarot expert for 3 years for the Marie Claire Magazine.

2007 Watkins published his book The Authentic Tarot sub-titled Discovering Your Inner Self.

He founded The Cheyne Walk Trust and was an Associate Lecturer at the University of the Arts London.    

2004: Elsevier Ltd. published his peer reviewed paper Health Hazards and Electromagnetic Fields commissioned by the international journal Complementary Therapies for Clinical Practice. He sat on the Elsevier International Advisory Board.

He was awarded AdCert ED&CP (Advanced Certificate in Environmental Design and Crime Prevention) and in 2005 he was admitted to the RIBA specialist register of Client Design Advisor (CDA). He served as chairman on one of the companies of City Merchant Developers Ltd from its inception until it merged with another property company.

2011: He opened the UK conference on Electro Sensitivity.

He has travelled extensively in Europe, North America, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, the Caribbean and the Bahamas, Egypt, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, India, Japan, North and East Africa.

He is an experienced sailor including two Atlantic crossings in his own 14m ketch; lived with Inuits for three weeks under canvas, 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle; in 1974, alone with five native Indians, travelled 1,500 miles into the Amazon Jungle.

He lives with his wife in North London.

2014: SilverWood Books Ltd. published his autobiography Getting a Life

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