"Getting a Life" Previews

Thomas Saunders' book has life lessons for us all. His inspirational story shows what's possible when one follows a deep inner calling, no matter what we have to give up.

Ultimately his life is an adventure that many of us would like to aspire to but very few of us have the courage and drive to make it happen.

Arvind Devalia, Master NLP practitioner, life coach and author

This autobiography takes the reader on a journey through the perceptions of Thomas Saunders which enlivens the senses with an enchanting exploration revealing many of life's hidden gems. He passes on his wisdom eloquently and accessibly as he explores his relationships with himself, with others, with nature and spirit.

Giles Hutchins, co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation (BCI) and author The Nature of Business.

Tom Saunders has been a close friend for more than half a lifetime and it has been my pleasure to discover fascinating, diverse and revealing aspects of his life, which were hitherto unknown to me.

Early in his career he founded his own practice which became a major and highly respected organisation, but his story is much more than the history of becoming a distinguished, internationally recognised architect.

This autobiography describes his lifetime study of the occult, his love of music, the adventures sailing the high seas and an epic voyage into the Amazon. A thoroughly readable book for all ages.

Anthony Paxford

Thomas Saunders' Getting A life is more about getting several lives. From perhaps a less than auspicious start, relative to the achievements he made as an architect, he charts the course from his early years and the Second World War in London's East End through to his present happy years in the South of France.

Making sense of the twists and turns that his life has taken will inspire the reader that no matter the cards you were dealt when you were born, you can nevertheless create your own destiny - albeit with a little help from your friends. Others may be encouraged to read that however dire life seems at times, there may yet be surprises to lift you towards a better course, around the corner.

The Life Thomas describes has been a fascinating one.  Rich with many unusual and enriching experiences, it could be described not as counting the moments, but in treasuring the moments that counted.

This book is entertaining, well-written and offers the reader Thomas' special brand of down-to-earth narrative and heartfelt observation.

Anne Naylor, author, corporate business facilitator, speaker.