Getting a Life

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Printed book - ISBN 978-1-78132-277-2.
EBook - ISBN 978-1-78132-278-9

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On reflection, my life has been an eternal quest to answer the perennial questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my destiny?

This book is about that quest and I am gratified to learn that a number of readers have found it to be aspirational.

The following is a brief extract from the Foreword to the book by Malcolm McClean, Founder of The School of Curiosity:

[Thomas Saunders] has found that it is possible to do what we all say we want to do. He has spent a lifetime, following his passions and importantly, earning a living by doing the things that he loves. He has rebuilt and reinvented himself several times along the way and made time to be curious.

How many architects do you meet who have travelled 1500 miles into the Amazon; lived in the Arctic with the Inuits; sailed the Atlantic; and followed a personal quest taking in healing, dowsing, the wisdom of the Tarot and myths, the study of ancient symbolism, sacred geometry and the healing powers of buildings? The simple answer is that you just don’t meet that many people like that - architects or otherwise.

It’s interesting that many of his adventures feature global boardrooms; rainforests; oceans; and Arctic tundra...Yet some of his greatest adventures, his understanding of who he is and his study of the Tarot, have taken place largely inside his head. He gives us hope that whoever we are, wherever we are, regardless of our resources, our minds can take us on the greatest of adventures.

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