Published Works

Books by Thomas Saunders
Title Publisher
Getting a Life (2014) SilverWood Books Ltd
The Authentic Tarot - Discovering Your Inner Self (2007) Watkins Publishing Ltd
Health Hazards & EMFs (2004) Elsevier Ltd
Sua Saude e o Ambiente que Construimos (2005) Pensamento-Cultrix Ltda
The Boiled Frog Syndrome - Your Health and the Built Environment (2002) John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Commissioned articles
Refurbishment and Restoration Estate Times
Profile of the Thomas Saunders Partnership Estates Gazette
Hiscox P.L.C. new headquarters designed according to Feng Shui principles Estates Gazette
His design concepts for international banks in the City of London Interior Design Year Book
The City of the Future CHIMO Magazine,Toronto
Geopathic stress and natural magnetic radiation Ideal Home
Office environmental pollution Health Magazine
Crystals - the Power to Heal Harpers & Queen
Complementary Healing The Tatler
The Mystery of the Tarot Marie Claire Magazine
Living Daylight The Journal of National Association of Roofing Manufactures

Business consultancy