"The Authentic Tarot" Endorsements

Going through the [21 card] spread, working across the three horizontal and seven vertical lines, he studies the relationship between cards...like a story teller, he weaves a tale from the different elements.
As he tells the story, it triggers me to think about things of which I am already aware but often avoid. When it is over, I feel strong enough to do some honest self-reflection; I know that this is the first step in actualising positive changes. The Tarot hasn’t given me any magic answers as to how to do this - that tricky bit is down to me.

Hannah Marshall: Riviera Times, Côte d’Azur

[Thomas Saunders' seminar is] a thorough and in-depth guide to the meaning and symbolism of the Tarot and powerful lessons for living a better life. It skilfully guides us to use the Tarot in the way in which it was first intended.

Marilyn Devonish: Director and Life coach

Thomas Saunders has accomplished quite a feat - he has stripped the Tarot back to basics, both in his approach and in his choice of deck, the Ancien Tarot de Marseille. [His seminar] allows us to use the Tarot as a tool for discovering more about our own personalities, rather than foretelling the future.

Fiona Brown: editor.

The Authentic Tarot is a wise contribution of classical wisdom, the dynamics of myths and psychological interpretations of the profound symbolic language that is the Tarot.

A T Mann: American international author and astrologer

There is a lot more the author has been involved in that also contributes to his knowledge of the Tarot and other occult knowledge.
The Authentic Tarot is a very interesting read...written in a way that is engaging, deep and easy to understand. I would recommend the book for anybody who has an interest in the subject, regardless of your skill level. This would appeal particularly for those looking for the next level of meaning in this symbolic art.

Rose Glavas: Reviewers Bookwatch